One of the most important things in the beginning of Clash of Clan is to create very detailed and very practical upgrade plan. It is important because the most important thing in the COC is resource management, therefore, it is paramount to have plan ahead. In this short blog post we will describe in detail what are some of the best strategies that you can apply at the beginning of the game.

At the beginning you will have only few builders and a lot of options. So, you must choose what buildings to build first and what should be your priority. there are different opinions about this and in this guide we will present the way of progressing by upgrading Town Level. Some of the upgrades are obtained much easier with our clash of clans gem hack so if you want to learn what upgrades you will need later when playing legit way , use that to test it out. We will compare our advance via the level of Town Hall, all other upgrades will be compared with that fact. Let us define, at beginning some general rules of the game, they will be the same for all level of upgrade. If you understand those general rules, which are very simple, you will be able to advance without need to consult every little detail. The most important thing in the game is to – upgrade Town Hall only when you upgraded all other available structures. That is the most important rule of proper upgrading. Once, when you reach level 9 or level 10, this rule is not so important, but at the beginning of the game, you must, simply must to follow this rule. When you reach new Town level, the first structure that you want to upgrade is Laboratory. It is very easy to do it via research and if you upgrade your Laboratory you will be able to farm more efficiently. If you upgrade Laboratory at the beginning of each Town Hall level, you will have more time to upgrade other structures. So, place your first builder to work on Laboratory upgrade, and send your second builder to build additional Barrack, or Army camp.

This rule does not apply to upgrading old ones, but specifically to building new ones. Army Camp will improve your production capabilities and it will also improve your farming capabilities as well. After you upgraded your Laboratory and created new Barracks you should proceed to next step. Upgrade Spell Factory and then upgrade any Army Camp that is not upgraded to maximum level. That will increase offensive abilities and improve your farming. That is the main reason why you should upgrade it early in the game. This rule is changed a little bit when you reach higher levels, for example Town Hall level 9.

The reason for this change in upgrade priority is in fact that on that level it is not practical, and more then that it is quite expensive. The better solution is to build some level 4 structures like additional Storages, additional Walls or extra Dark Elixir Drills. Basic principle is that after upgrading your offensive capabilities you should switch your focus to defensive structures. We presented you very practical approach in building safe and long lasting base in Clash of Clans. Clash on!